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Soooo…..many of you have been asking about our latest news. How, what, when, why, where, etc. Well, I’ll leave the ‘how’ question unanswered, and yes, we do know what causes this. 🙂 We were somewhat undecided on whether or not we wanted to have another baby, so we left it up to God. We weren’t trying to have another one, but we weren’t preventing it either. If it happened, it happened. And surprise! Here we go again! As of this post, I am about 11 weeks. I have had pretty much the same “morning sickness” with this pregnancy as with the others which doesn’t mean a whole lot. I don’t throw up or anything, just that lingering blah feeling (mostly in the afternoons for me). Nothing to really complain about. The biggest difference has been that I am having to keep up with three little ones this time which makes it harder to eat and rest like I should and/or would like to. Luke is wonderful at helping out when he’s home. I am very blessed. My due date is December 17. My doctor definitely will not let me go past my due date since I’ve had a C-section so the baby will be here on or before that date. We do not have an OB in Troy so my doctor is in Montgomery. It’s about 45 minutes from here, and that is where I will deliver. Because of my age (boo!), I am going to Birmingham on July 20 for a targeted scan which is just a detailed ultrasound. We should find out then if Riley will have to fend for himself, or if he will have a brother to play with. We are looking forward to meeting this little one and hope that you are too! So that’s that. I think I’ve answered most of the questions we’ve been asked. If not, ask away, and I’ll try to answer!


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Lanes in Gingham… requested

Gingham Lanes

Gingham Lanes

Easter Sunday
April 12, 2009

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Latest pics

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Get comfy….

….because you’re going to be here a while. I have finally downloaded lots and lots of pictures for your viewing pleasure. I have not downloaded the most recent ones from Thanksgiving, but there are plenty to hold you over until I can get to those. Maybe by Easter. 🙂

Anyway, like I said, there are LOTS of pictures in this slideshow. 296 to be exact. Whew! They go all the way back to Ashleigh’s 2nd birthday party in Newton. There are actually a few before those even. Then there are ones from Riley and Kyleigh’s first birthday here in Troy, and some from our quick visit to Georgia in October. Mostly they are just randomness from everyday life though. I wanted to sort them out and make a post for each event, but I figured I better just get them up before the kids start school.

I hope you enjoy the pics, and if I don’t get a chance to talk to you before Christmas…..Merry Christmas!!!

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Old pics are better than no pics

Sooooo… are some old pics of the kiddos. And by old, I mean a couple of months. The way they are growing and changing, a couple of months makes a huge difference. They have changed a lot since these were all taken, but they were too cute not to put on here. I will try to download all the pictures that are on my camera (all 218 of them), and add another post as soon as possible. Our internet is not as fast as it used to be, and I’m afraid it is going to take hours to download them all. But, I promise to get to it soon!

For now, enjoy these!

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Luke, Kyleigh and I are on our way home from Birmingham right now. Kyleigh’s EKG was completely normal again so Dr. Romp, her Pediatric Cardiologist, took her off her medication effective immediately. Praise God for His healing power!! We are so grateful to everyone who has prayed for Kyleigh since birth. God answers prayers!

Since Kyleigh had an abnormal EKG at birth, Dr. Romp would like to see her again, but not until about age 5. So we get a few years off. While talking with the nurse after K’s appointment, she commented that Kyleigh was tall. She told us that however tall a child is at age two, you can double that and that is how tall he or she will be as an adult. For example, Ashleigh was 36 inches at her two year check up making her 72 inches full grown. That’s six feet!!! Whoa! Assuming A and K are on pretty much the same growth schedule, we’ve got two-thirds of a formidable volleyball front line. If anyone would like to offer a couple of full scholarships, just let me know.

Just out of curiousity, has anyone ever heard that before? The height thing, I mean. I’m going to try to research it when I get a chance, but I’d love to hear from other parents. Let me know!

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