Details, details, details

Soooo…..many of you have been asking about our latest news. How, what, when, why, where, etc. Well, I’ll leave the ‘how’ question unanswered, and yes, we do know what causes this. šŸ™‚ We were somewhat undecided on whether or not we wanted to have another baby, so we left it up to God. We weren’t trying to have another one, but we weren’t preventing it either. If it happened, it happened. And surprise! Here we go again! As of this post, I am about 11 weeks. I have had pretty much the same “morning sickness” with this pregnancy as with the others which doesn’t mean a whole lot. I don’t throw up or anything, just that lingering blah feeling (mostly in the afternoons for me). Nothing to really complain about. The biggest difference has been that I am having to keep up with three little ones this time which makes it harder to eat and rest like I should and/or would like to. Luke is wonderful at helping out when he’s home. I am very blessed. My due date is December 17. My doctor definitely will not let me go past my due date since I’ve had a C-section so the baby will be here on or before that date. We do not have an OB in Troy so my doctor is in Montgomery. It’s about 45 minutes from here, and that is where I will deliver. Because of my age (boo!), I am going to Birmingham on July 20 for a targeted scan which is just a detailed ultrasound. We should find out then if Riley will have to fend for himself, or if he will have a brother to play with. We are looking forward to meeting this little one and hope that you are too! So that’s that. I think I’ve answered most of the questions we’ve been asked. If not, ask away, and I’ll try to answer!


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